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Primarna prevencija hipertenzije


    Epidemiologic studies have shown that blood pressure increases with age only if accompanied by excessive salt intake.

    primarna prevencija hipertenzije

    Correlation has also been proved with coronary heart disease, left ventricle hypertrophy, stroke, and microalbuminuria. From clinical and public health points of view, the data obtained in interventional primarna prevencija hipertenzije are particularly important, as well as those that clearly confirm the benefit of restricting salt intake.

    This benefit is manifested not only in decreased blood pressure and reduction in cardiovascular morbidity and mortality, but also in improved total health, since it is known that excessive salt intake is also a risk factor for osteoporosis, nephrolithiasis, primarna prevencija hipertenzije and nasopharyngeal cancer.

    hipertenzija u terapiji dijabetesa koralji kluba-hipertenzija

    Moreover, economic aspect is of particular importance too. Salt intake restriction should be performed as part of other lifestyle changes, primarily weight loss and increased physical activity.

    primarna prevencija hipertenzije antihipertenzivni lijekovi za hipertenziju

    CRASH is a Croatian national campaign with an aim to increase the awareness of the excessive salt intake problem. Key words:.

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